New York City // Travel Guide

Brooklyn Bridge

On our first day the weather was not too good, but this didn’t stop us from exploring Brooklyn. After a short walk from Nolita we stood in front of the 1883 built Brooklyn Bridge. I find the construction very fascinating. The steel cables and the wooden floors make it look like nothing could damage it. Did you know that a German engineer designed the Brooklyn Bridge? Me neither! I also didn’t know you could see the Statue of Liberty from the bridge and would not have seen it if it hadn’t been for Sophie who pointed it out to me.

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We heard that there are quite a few flea markets in Brooklyn, so we decided to go find one – and we did. We were lucky enough to spot a sign right after we got off the Brooklyn Bridge. I love old things with a history, they are so precious and each piece is telling its own story. Don’t forget to just get lost and wander the streets, too. Hidden gems are waiting around almost every corner.


Nolita / Soho

We booked our accommodation with Airbnb and absolutely loved our neighborhood. There are super cute cafes and stores/boutiques nearby. Our apartment was just 10 steps away from The Butcher’s Daughter, which was one of our favorite breakfast places (there’s a Food Guide post coming up, so stay tuned). What I love about New York and its neighborhoods are the brick stone buildings with the fire escape stairs. There’s also lots of wall art on the streets, especially in Nolita / Soho.


Flat Iron Building

It was built into a corner, which is why it is a triangular form. I believe that it’s one of the most photographed buildings in the world. If you’re in town you should definitely go check it out and since Madison Square Park is very close, go enjoy the beautiful green patch.

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One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower was built after the Twin Towers was destroyed in the 9/11 terror attack. To this day it is the fourth tallest building in the world. What I was most impressed with is not the height of the new building but the 9/11 Memorial; two pools, each one placed where the Twin Towers stood. Each of the victims is honored with a fountain string and the names are engraved on the sides. The feeling you get standing where it happened back in 2001 is one I can’t put in words.


Greenwich Village

Even though I liked Nolita I would look for an apartment in West Village next time. I just love the vibe and the people living there! I’m not the biggest fan of Sex and the City, but I have to admit that the buildings and their entry ways are super cute and “instagramable”. Also they have lots of cool cafes and pizza places there. We ventured out to Chelsea for some drinks at the rooftop bar of The Standard hotel.


Top of the Rock If you want to enjoy the most stunning view of New York you either have to go on a helicopter tour or you can go up on Top of the Rock. I’ve never seen a city that beautiful from above. The long streets stretching over the peninsula and the always changing skyline are amazing. Central Park has never looked so enormous yet so little at the same time.

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Grand Central Terminal I have seen the station in so many movies but when I actually stood there I was totally overwhelmed by its beauty. The ceiling is super high and reminds me of the sky. You just need to stand in the middle of the hall and close your eyes for a moment – the feeling you get is incredible. Surrounded by so many people, movement and hectic you still feel alone. Nevertheless, of course you should open your eyes for the beauty of this place at some point.

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The Highline

New York is a huge city but what I noticed is that there are many smaller parks next to the enormous Central Park. People of NY love to hang out wherever there is a green patch. As soon as the sun comes out, people would lay in the grass, have picnics or go for a walk. They have a deep appreciation for those comfort places in the middle of the city. The highline is an old tramway, which now is a super long walkway with various plants and trees. I love that you can walk uptown and not once have to cross a street or be careful that a car doesn’t hit you. Very relaxing and such a great idea!


I hope you enjoyed this Little insight on New York and if you haven’t been able to already, visiting this buzzing city someday soon!

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